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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > Mystery Murder game    

Mystery Murder game


Mystery Murder game
Hi there,
I would like to introduce a murder mystery game in class. I already have a few ideas, but am counting on your help for more.
Basically, what it �ll be like is that I have 7 colleagues of mine cooperating (all English teachers). All of them are suspects in a murder case (the principal was killed). The students (all 85, but in groups of 4 or so) have to question them in between lessons, during breaks, etc. to find out who the murderer is. Suspects will not deal with students who question them in their mothertongue ;) This way, they also practice their speaking skills.
Every now and then they will be given a clue to come nearer to the culprit.
This would be an amazing and unforgettable  way for the students to practice the following (besides speaking):
vocabulary concerning �crime �
grammar: reported speech and conditionals
In class they do exercises on the grammar topics whilst discussing their information gathered from my colleagues.
I can find many murder mystery stories on the internet, but not really suitable for teenagers in a school-environment. There are also some hereon eslprintables, but they �re only restricted to playing in class (with students being suspects) and not on a wider scale. Maybe you know of something that could be useful? Please, let me know.
When I have totally made up the lessons with worksheets, script cards for suspects, etc, I will certainly share this with you.

24 Jan 2017      


I have a murder mystery I did for bachillerato set in a school.
It �s for 8 "suspects" so might be good for you?
I comes with instructions and a worksheet that I let my students use to help them collect evidence

24 Jan 2017     


This sounds like an awesome game! I really hope you make a printable for it!

24 Jan 2017     


Nick_Mos: it would be so kind of you to mail me that! If not all, I can perhaps pick out a few ideas!
kekee1006: I will certainly do so once I �ve played it with my students so I can update any shortcomings ;) 

25 Jan 2017     


Hi, I �ve just uploaded it. Look under my uploads and you should find it easily. :D
I only just uploaded it last night so you might only just be able to view it.
Any problems give us a shout.

25 Jan 2017     


Engaging in a mystery murder game offers an immersive experience, blending intrigue and teamwork. Participants assume unique roles, unraveling  clues panorama image stitching services and piecing together the puzzle of the crime. These games foster critical thinking and communication skills, making them ideal for social gatherings or team-building events, creating unforgettable memories and thrilling adventures.

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