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ESL forum > Teaching material > "I´ve been very busy!"    

"I´ve been very busy!"

United Kingdom

"I´ve been very busy!"

Dear Members:

In a recent Caption Competition, I used an idiomatic expression related to "being busy". Members expressed interest, so I just jotted down some more, "off the top of my head" = "impromptu", "without thinking too much about it". Today, I �ve added some others which occurred to me.
It �s possible some of the new Members who are beginning to learn English may find them useful.
"I am rushed off my feet; I am run off my feet; I am as busy as a bee; I�ve been kept busy; I am a busy little beaver; I�ve been beavering away all day; I have my hands full at the moment; I�ve been on the go all week; I�ve been up to my ears in work; I�ve been up to my eyes in work; I�ve been snowed under with work; I�ve been working like the clappers; I�ve been working non-stop; I haven�t had a minute to myself; I�ve been running around like a madman; I�m so busy, I don�t know whether I�m coming or going; I�ve been hard at it; I�ve been tied up; I�ve been on the job all day; I�ve been in the thick of it for days now; I�ve been on the go non-stop; I�ve had a lot on; I�ve had a lot to do; I�ve had a lot on my plate, recently; I�m fully stretched; I�m under a lot of pressure; I�ve been on the trot all day; It has been absolutely hectic; It has been absolutely frantic; I�ve had to get a move on with things; It has been a hive of activity here; It�s been an absolute stampede to finish on time; I�ve been coming and going all week; I�ve had my nose to the grindstone all day".
All the Best!
Les Douglas 

11 Apr 2017      


Thanks a million Les.

11 Apr 2017     


Interesting..thank you

11 Apr 2017     

maryse pey�

Very useful for all dear Les !
Thanks and hugs.

11 Apr 2017     


As busy as a bee !  Thanks for the varied & lovely idioms about being busy, dear Les Douglas   Just a simple suggestion  ; why don �t you rearrange them in a worksheet that will surely make an interesting contribution as far as idioms are concerned  & will excite ESL members  to download it whenever they aren �t up to their ears in work ! 

11 Apr 2017     


Thanks for this brief  lesson.I transtated in to my own language .I think it would be so nice  to see this work as a worksheet  but it is useful ,too like that .Are there about earth or world idioms?Thanks again

11 Apr 2017     

United Kingdom

I �ve got a lot on my plate, but not too much, he he!

13 Apr 2017     


Les, you are the best!! You are always teaching us so many things that we should be proud of having you as one of ESL most valuable members!!!

17 Apr 2017