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Hello everyone!
I am looking for a penfriend for my student. She is 12 years old and she īs close to intermediate level, but her language skills are very good. It would be nice to communicate with one or two friends from abroad. 
Thank you all in advance for your time!

17 May 2017      


I have friends who are intersted in having penfriends. I am from Tunisia.

17 May 2017     

United States

Have you talked to your school about it, or her parents?

Its stupid, but in my experience schools have rules regarding pen pals, and usually red tape that keeps it from happening easily.  Plus there is a safety issue asking for it here.  Make sure you have parent īs permission and that they understand internet safety stuff (giving address online, etc.).
Not to sound distrusting, but you never know, and we donīt exactly do background checks on this siteīs members for one thing.  The same risk runs for those who members recommend. 
Just wanted to give a heads up to be careful (with school procedures and childīs online safety).  Youīd want to think this website is a safe place, but there are wackos everywhere these days.

That being said, there are pen pal sites you can sign up and get a pen pal from (don īt know them myself but they exist) that do verify things.  you can check them out.

17 May 2017     


I īm all good!!! We could do it next year ... I īll have 3 classes

31 May 2017