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The Same Problem


The Same Problem

Dear French frog,

Every year I face the same problem. There is always a bunch of students who are not up to the level required. They keep on nagging . It�s all about that they don�t feel interested in English, and consequently don�t feel interested in learning the language. So, the first step is to motivate your students so that they like English and therefore learn . Learning any language can�t be measured by years if the learner is not motivated or encouraged.
I hope I made myself clear and i�m sure you are a great teacher because you really care.

5 Oct 2008      


Motivation (or lack of it) really makes some classes a pain.  There more often than not seems to be one class that just causes headaches each year.

There isn�t a really simple solution, unfortunately.  In terms of getting the students motivated, different techniques work with different classes.  Something that I rarely see mentioned, though, comes down to presenting English role models.

Here in Japan, for example, a famous baseball player learned English to play in the States. He didn�t make the Majors there, but he continues to play in the Minors.  I can�t remember his name at the moment, but selecting a person that resonates with the class, and then discussing and/or learning about that person does produce results.  Especially with younger learners, a hero/role model works better than pointing out the importance of English in the future, jobs around the world, etc.

I hope this idea helps!

Chris Cotter

5 Oct 2008     



�Did you just join this website to (parasitically) keep plugging your website? Or do you intend to actually make printouts for other people to use? What is the purpose of your account at eslprintables?



5 Oct 2008