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Spaz :)

Russian Federation

Spaz :)
Dear colleagues,
who is a spaz and how do you pronounce it?
What does it mean as a verb? For example, "Why are you spazzing out?"

13 Nov 2017      


It �s offensive. 
When someone has spasms (involuntary muscular contractions), someone ( a bully or something) might call them a spaz. 
Using it metaphorically it means that someone loses control over situation and freaks out, or something similar. 

13 Nov 2017     


Pronounced as you see it with a z sound, it �s short for spastic (and sometimes spasm).
Before the term cerebral palsy was used, people with this condition were called spastic and they would often attend a dedicated spastic centre. If one of these children went to a mainstream school, they were often placed in a special class one or two days a week, the spastic class.  It became common to call these students spazzes. The use of spazz in this context today is highly offensive and totally unacceptable. I never hear it in this context anymore.
On the other hand, spazz is used by the younger generation to mean something totally different. I think it �s more commonly used in US English.  You can see a definition at the urban dictionary

From Wikipiedia

Wikipedia has an article on:

The offensiveness of this term and of spastic differs considerably between the US and the UK. In the United States, the terms are inoffensive; in the UK, they are very offensive; see spastic for more

To illustrate the use in the US, look at these:
 Zen Apps – Spazz Less With These Apps!

13 Nov 2017     

Russian Federation

Wow! That �s complicated. Thank you!

13 Nov 2017