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Hi, Gang --- 
I �ve been away a while, but I �m back. And, apparently, in my absence I became an idiot. 
I �m now doing materials for primary school text books, and I put together a nice little worksheet for modals. 
Problem is, when I open it on my computer? It looks great. When I upload it here? The formatting gets all out of whack, nothing lines up right, and all my beautiful work is for naught. 
Help???  Any thoughts or suggestions? What am I doing wrong? 
Thanks in advance. 

21 Nov 2017      


You could try changing the word version of your worksheet from� .docx to .doc, this might help. To do so, In the �Save as type� dropdown list, select �Word 97-2003 Document (*.doc)�. Reupload the ws and see if it helps.

21 Nov 2017     


Nope. That actually made it worse!! 😭😭😭. If I could just upload it as a pdf this wouldn�t be happening 🙁

21 Nov 2017     

United States

Hi, Dee,
I went to the link, but the worksheet isn �t there, so I can �t see it.
If the set-up is right for it, putting it into a table is often a nice way of getting things to line up.

21 Nov 2017     

Antonio Oliver

I agree with Giorgi that an older Word versi�n may help -at least it sometimes fixes my WS when I have a similar problem to that described.
But, the link isn �t working, Bruce is right.
How about a screenshot pasted onto Word? It �s a cheap job but if the quality is good enough all of us will be able to use it, if not edit it.
Hope you can fix it 

22 Nov 2017