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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > My beloved conditionals    

My beloved conditionals

Antonio Oliver

My beloved conditionals
Hi fellow teachers,
After so many years struggling to teach the rules of Grammar, I must now seek assistance from experts like you. Please look at this multiple choice question:

I have a test in the next class. Luckily, I have studied. If I ��� I ��� nervous.
a::) study - wouldn�t be
b::) am studying - haven�t felt
c::) studied - will not feel
d::) have studied - don�t get

My Answer Key says d) is correct. The other options are really bizarre, all right. But d) doesn �t sound good to me. Perhaps if it said "Because I have studied...?
All help welcome! 
Many thanks

22 Nov 2017      

New Zealand

D is right. The speaker means. "In a situation like this, before a test, USUALLY. I don �t get nervous if I have studied."

22 Nov 2017     

United States

Yes, D is right. I might have used "When" instead of "If" to make it sound a little more natural. It would also be better to say "If I study I don �t get nervous", I think, but the sentence is a shortening of "If I have studied for a test, I don �t get nervous during the test".

22 Nov 2017     

Antonio Oliver

Thanks Bruce & Laminator!

22 Nov 2017