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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > I wish you to????    

I wish you to????


I wish you to????
Hello, dear friends!
Happy holidays to everyone!
I have a quick question. I know that when we use "wish" wanting somebody to be healthy or happy, we say "I wish you happiness and health.
But the question is: is it possible from grammatical point of view to say "I wish you to be healthy, I wish you to have a lot of luck " etc?
I can �t find it in any books but my colleagues say it �s possible.
Please tell me what �s correct and if you know any references, I will appreciate it a lot.
Warm wishes,

27 Dec 2017      


there �s the following option:wish somebody/something to do something He was not sure whether he wished her to stay or go.
However, the meaning you �re referring to is under #4
So, it is possible from the grammatical point of view to use direct object + infinitive after wish, but as to the usage in this context it �s probably better to opt for a more natural wording.
You might find these holiday wishes suggestions useful. 

27 Dec 2017     

United Kingdom

Excellent answer and ref �s from ueslteacher - and nice to �see � you here! 
Katiapulko - Many things are �grammatically possible �, but that doesn �t mean they would ever be used by a native speaker. In the examples you give, I would say, no, do not use them and as ueslteacher says, look for a more natural usage. You would say �I hope you have a lot of luck �, and as for the health one, maybe something like �I hope you stay healthy �.   

28 Dec 2017     


Thanks a lot for such quick answers! And I �m glad to hear from you, Sophia! :-)
 Happy New Year to everybody! Wishing you a lot of inspiration and reward what what you do! 

30 Dec 2017