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I have a question


I have a question
hello every one
is the following sentence correct ( Belgians put on their french fries ketchup) .
is the position of ketchup correct?

8 Jan 2018      

United States

Belgians put ketchup on their french fries.

9 Jan 2018     

United Kingdom

The answer Douglas has given is perfectly correct!
"The Dutch also put tomato ketchup on their French fries".
Les Douglas. 

9 Jan 2018     

United Kingdom

The gentlemen are right! And I do, as well. Also, I dip my chips in tomato ketchup. 

9 Jan 2018     

United States

I prefer to dip my fries in mayonnaise, which is unheard of in the USA.
Whenever I order mayonnaise for my fries in a US restaurant, I usually have to explain that I �m not joking and then they often end-up bringing me Miracle Whip instead of mayonnaise. For some reason a lot of US restaurants seem to think that Miracle Whip (a salad dressing that is way too sweet for my liking) is a perfect substitute for mayonnaise. In some cases they even argue with me that it IS mayonnaise. :)

10 Jan 2018     


Actually, Belgians and the Dutch usually put mayonnaise on their French fries, not Ketchup....

10 Jan 2018     

United Kingdom

I wonder if Miracle Whip is anything like salad cream, which is wonderful... Yes, continentals dip their chips in mayonnaise, which is considered quite smart/cool in my neck of the woods. (NE England)

10 Jan 2018     


SVOMPT: Subject, Verb, Object, Mode, Position, Time
This is the correct structure, according to me.

11 Jan 2018