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Biology in English


Biology in English
I am looking someone who lives in the UK or in the USA as I need some Biology books or any teaching material for me. I am going to teach my students Biology in English. They are 10-12 years old. It will be my first experience in it. Would you help me somehow, please?

24 Apr 2018      


Anna, I maybe you should take a look at the Big English Science coursebooks? As far as I know there �s lots of biology, and other stuff too, there. 

25 Apr 2018     


Macmillan and Pearson have a series devoted to Science. Nothing solely to biology, so you have elements of everything there. At that age Science subjects are taught jointly :-)
have a great day,

25 Apr 2018     

United Kingdom

  1. The biology of a child is pretty exceptional from the biology of a youngster.
  2. He’s a co-author of pioneer courses from mathematical optimization models in biology.
  3. Conservation biology tries to hold and maintain existing habitat and (biodiversity).
  4. The biology of these tumours is interesting as it differs from many other tumour kinds.
  5. The social biology of this species is unusual for the antbird own family.
  6. Structural biology is the examination of the structural properties of the biopolymers.
  7. My-Coursework-Help the 2-story centre consists of chemistry labs with training areas and collegiate-fashion biology and physics lecture rooms separated by way of school rooms.
  8. The evolutionary game concept has tested itself to be precious in assisting to give an explanation for many complex and challenging components of biology.

26 Apr 2018     

Czech Republic

I can recommend Read and Discover books. 

30 Apr 2018