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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > adjective or adverb    

adjective or adverb


adjective or adverb
Which is the correct answer?
The view  was true/truely magnificent 
Please explain the reason for your answer

13 Jun 2018      


True/truely. None is correct.
In order to emphasize your description, you need an adverb, e.g., �really� - The view was really magnificent. One of the synonyms of �really� and the adverb of true is truly (not truely, which is a common spelling mistake), so you should say - The view was truly magnificent�.

@Bruce, Les, Lynne, anyone... please correct me if I�m not right. You know I�m still learning.

13 Jun 2018     


These were the two choices given by the book my pupil is using. Your answer and explanation make sense.

13 Jun 2018     

United Kingdom

Yes, Ruta is right, �The view was truly magnificent. � 
I �ve just come back from Asolo and it was truly wonderful. Loved it. I think �truly � is a bt stronger and more heartfelt than �really �. 

13 Jun 2018     

maryse pey�

I have just come across an article about "Global Britain" and here is a very short extract :
"We are a protagonist - a global Britain running a TRULY global foreign policy".
Just to show you another example.

14 Jun 2018