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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > Some questions about your countries     

Some questions about your countries


Some questions about your countries
Hi everybody!
In my country students learn a second language in  large (22 to about 28 students, sometimes more) diverse groups in which A1 level students work with B1 or B2 level students. Sometimes the disparity is even larger. Can you tell me if this is common in your countries, by answering these questions?
1. How many students do you usually have in your classroom?
2. What is the practice in your country: to work with heterogeneous groups or to work with groups of students who share the same proficiency level? Which option do you agree with? 
3. How committed are schools and teachers in applying the Commom European Framework of Reference for Languages?  
Thank you all for your time and generosity. 

5 Jul 2018      

maryse pey�

1) It all depends on the school and on some other criteria but let �s say it is usually around 30. With sometimes half-group to have some more hours of lessons. and if English is the 1st foreign language.
2) Usually there is only 1 "level" at a time but very often the students are not of the same levels and it is not always easy to plan a complete school year.
3) Here in France we consider that A1-A2 are for the 1st and 2nd years of high school (11-12-13 years) ; then from 14 to 15-16 it is B1 and B2 is logically at the age of 18 just before the university (if the student is graduated every year).
You have the most common conditions here.

7 Jul 2018     


  1. Normally in Poland if there are more than 24 students they are divided into 2 groups according to the English test they have to pass at the beginning of the school year (advanced and basic level). Well, they learn mostly the same but the 1st group more and faster.

  2. In general they should be of the same level, but it depends

  3. The levels from A1-B2 are the same as in France :-)

8 Jul 2018