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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > Is it right to use "in ancient time" with the present perfect?    

Is it right to use "in ancient time" with the present perfect?


Is it right to use "in ancient time" with the present perfect?
If so , please tell me the resources .

19 Aug 2018      

United States

I think you mean "in ancient times", and I can �t imagine the present perfect being used with it, since the present perfect is about now. You can use it with "since ancient times".

19 Aug 2018     


Like Bruce said, if you mean �since ancient times �, then you will have to use a present perfect because you link it to the present time. However... because �ancient times � are long gone and there is no link to the present whatsoever, you MUST you the past simple when saying �in ancient times �.
Best wishes,

20 Aug 2018     

United Kingdom

Dear �Normandey:

My thinking is similar to that of Bruce and Shallottslady. I agree that �in ancient time � is not a commonly used expression.
You ask for sources.
The British National Corpus give NO INSTANCE of �in ancient time � ever being used.
They give 35 examples of� sentences which include �in ancient times �.
These�include, of course:
"And did those feet in ancient times walk upon England �s mountains green?"
There are only 2 examples, where the phrase following �in ancient times �, uses the Perfect Tense.
"The possibility of transatlantic cultural links in ancient times, has been re-opened by an American expedition, which claims ... ."��� PRESENT PERFECT TENSE
"In ancient times�the manor had belonged to the Martyns ... ." PAST PERFECT TENSE
The remainder of the examples use either the Past Simple Tense, or one of the Modal Auxiliary Verbs.
There are 12 examples of the use of �since ancient�times � = 9 uses of the PRESENT PERFECT TENSE and 3 uses of the PRESENT SIMPLE TENSE.
Bruce and Shallottslady have both�made�very valuable contributions.�
I hope that this contribution helps,�too.
Les Douglas

20 Aug 2018