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Ask for help
Good afternoon friends!
I �m going to do a topic about stimulating the spirit of learning English among students through gameshows,activities or else ...I �d like to listen to your idea.Which gameshow or activities may I use to make the lesson more interesting?Please help me!
Thanks you very much in advance.

5 Nov 2018      


I see this is from November, but I want to contribute my recommendation. My students like to play my version of the Jeopardy game. I normally use it when we have done quite a few different lessons. I label the categories with those topics we studied, put numbers 100,200,300, etc under each topic. 100 is the easiest and the highest number is the hardest. In Jeopardy, they have the answer and you have to make your answer in the question form. For example, Likes is the topic, 100 is "I like yellow"...the answer could be "What�s your favorite color?" Alternatively, you can have them answer the question instead. Another activity my students like to play is a kind of Super Mario/Minesweeper game. https://www.instructables.com/id/Super-Mario-PowerPoint-Quiz-Game-Games-for-English/ I just drew out a grid on the board because my school didn�t have any way for me to show this on a large screen.

31 Mar 2019