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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > WORD DAFFYNITION CONTEST    




Good day to all!!!! 
Thanks Val for choosing me, it a pleasure to be here having fun and thanks so much for your support.
Anyway, I chose a word that hopefully the english natives won 愒 know either.
Here it goes my word for the Daffynition:
go on with the entrances!!!

15 Nov 2018      


BTW I know quite a lot of native blatherskites here !


Let �s get back to the subject though.


A "blatte" in French is a very ugly nasty little animal that loves hiding under fridges, usually filthy places. Everyone tries to get rid of them with all sorts of pesticides as it IS a PEST. Now a "kite" is a person who preys on others. Or, is it just a kite that children love to play with.


So, that "blatherskite" must be a little box, provided with a sail, that those ugly animals use to fly off to a safe haven (your neighbour �s fridge), and thus avoid our stinking pesticides.


PS : I might have included a picture of that ugly blatte. But once more that would have messed up the site.

15 Nov 2018     

United Kingdom

No chance, Aisha! Of course, as a native, I know this word! A blatherskite is the name for a special school bus. It picks pupils up at their house, gives them an infusion of politeness, knowledge and good behaviour. Then it drops them off at school, ready for a perfect day. They are quite rare sadly and I have ordered one for our school. The waiting list is ten years.  
Dear Monique - whatever do you mean, you know a lot of native blatherskites???  

15 Nov 2018     

maryse pey�

Oh ! In fact it is really DANGEROUS to play with a BLATHERSKITE...
Only very sklful extreme sport experts are able to...
A BLATHERSKITE is a BLADE the RAZOR SIDES of which make it looking like a KITE.
Rsultat de recherche d images pour

15 Nov 2018     


Blatherskite is in fact a totally nonsense word, used as a non-offensive replacement for certain unpleasant terms which I won �t type here. It �s most commonly used in the plural, as in "Oh blatherskites! I �ve lost my conjugations sheet." 
A rarer form is the gerund, as in "That blatherskiting conjugations sheet has gone missing again." 

15 Nov 2018     


I know this word ! I �ve been to Scotland three times 
You should read it this way : Bla �/ ...therskite :
Bla  for bla bla bla : that woman really talks too much!
therstike ( Scottish accent ) for : It �s her stike ! ( = she �s been on a drinking spree !)
A blatherstike IS a Scottish lady who �s had one drink too many.
End of game.( edit : Errr : JOKE ! )  Pfew ! TOO easy ! ( edit : Errr : Joke again ! )
Hello, A�sha !

15 Nov 2018     


Any other post??? I wanna laugh!

16 Nov 2018     

United Kingdom

Actually, this is a word for something pretty disgusting. When a person is talking animatedly for a period of time, he "blathers," which is an English version of the Scots word "blether." After a certain amount of time has gone past, this person might start to froth at the mouth. The white residue left at the corners of the mouth is known as "blatherskite."
Example: "Jenny, wipe that blatherskite away! Have you no pride?" 

16 Nov 2018     

United States

The b is silent. It sounds like lather. And skites  is the alternative pronunciation for skates.
So blatherskites is the colloquial name for the special skates that glide over lather, used in climates too hot for ice skating.

Hear the pronunciation by clicking the link below.

For a demonstration click below

16 Nov 2018     


Skating in shaving cream!!! Hilarious!! 

16 Nov 2018     

United Kingdom



As the son of a Scotswoman, I can assure you that �Blatherskite� is NOT of Scottish origin.

It originated in London!


The verb �to blabber� means �to talk endless nonsense�.

Because of The Great Vowel Shift, (which part-time grammarians were forced to work on busy weekends), �blabber� became �blather�.


�Skite� is the Cockney pronunciation of �skate� = �a skate-board�.


You hear it in this sentence:

�Fancy a dite orff moi plite, as Oi skite, mite?�

(�Do you want a date off my plate, as I skate, mate?�)


So, in Oxford Street, London, when you see a teenager skate-boarding dangerously on the pavement, rapidly typing a Skype message on his iPhone, you know that he is a modern �

Les Douglas

16 Nov 2018     

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