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Reading, Writing & Watching Suggestions


Reading, Writing & Watching Suggestions
I´m Martin from Argentina.I´m thinking about starting a reading and writing project this year with my intermediate-level students (14-15 years old). I want to choose between a fairy tale or a detective / mystery story. The fairy tale I would like to be something different, new, not the classical ones that everybody knows or at least one that students may not be so familar with. And in the case of the detective story, I�ve been looking for Sherlock Holmes readers but I can�t find one that would be appealing and attractive to my students. And my intention would be to accompany the reading and writing with a topic-related movie. Could you give me any suggestions? It would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
Martin Calcaterra

24 Jan 2019      

United Kingdom

Hi Martin,
I you are going to buy something, Macmillan readers are great. I did a few with mine, �The Tunnel� was good still available and this one looks good, although I haven�t seen it. 
For fairy tales, have a look at sirhaj�s Think Tales on here. Are you on TES? Lots of detective story stuff on there as well. It�s free to join.
I�m still looking!

It�s a strange and unusual tale, have you considered �The Monkey�s Paw�? There is plenty of great material on this site and a few youtube clips. My students always enjoyed it. I started off by asking them to write down three wishes. After the story, we look at their wishes and think about what could go wrong... 

25 Jan 2019     

United States

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13 May 2019