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ESL forum > Teaching material > Looking for listening activities based on real videos/podcasts    

Looking for listening activities based on real videos/podcasts


Looking for listening activities based on real videos/podcasts
Hi everyone!
I teach elementary and intermediate students and I�m a bit worried because their listening skills need to be improved. They are good at doing listening activities from textbooks but when we watch real videos/listen to real audios in class they get lost and a bit frustrated. 
I find it quite hard to design activities based on real audiovisual materials for these levels...Do you know any website on which I can find this type of materials...I�m willing to subscribe or pay if the resources are worth it.
Thanks in advance! 

9 Feb 2019      


I have recently found a great website with lesson plans based on Youtube videos: More Than Listening. Lesson plans are classified per level and they include pre-wacting, while watching and post-watching activitities (and key plus transcript!). The only thing is that they are 0.99 E each, I bought 2 intermediate level worksheets and they are definitely worth the cost.
Take a look at free sample worksheets ( you can download them for free!)
Hope this helps!

9 Feb 2019     

United States

Real English is great for listening practice.  https://www.real-english.com/reo/2/unit2.htm

11 Feb 2019     


Thank you to both of you!

13 Feb 2019