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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > Student doesn ´t obbey     

Student doesn ´t obbey


Student doesn ´t obbey
Hi mates!
I´ve a big problem.
I´ve a private student who comes to my home.  She´s 10 years and she´s exceptionally gifted. 
The purpose of her parents is to pass the PET exam although she´s 10 years as I´ve said. 
She´s always nervous, she doesn´t pay attention and... She stands up in the middle of the class and opens all the drawers, writes on the wall, etc
I don´t know what to do because I know she´s exremely smart buy her behaviour can´t be accepted if she wants to pass the exam.
Thanks in advanced.
Best, Ana.  

5 Apr 2019      

United States

Since you mention that she is a private student who comes to your home, I assume you tutor her one-on-one. 
Has she been checked for ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)? That would explain the lack of focus. The other thing that jumps out is that she is gifted. Is she the one that wants to take the PET exam, or are her parents pushing her to do it? Some of her behavior sounds like age-inappropriate acting out; most ten-year-olds know better than to write on the walls!
More practically: maybe concentrate on the speaking and listening first. Find out what her interests are and look for videos or talk with her in English about these subjects. For the writing, a pen pal in another country might pique her interest.
Make sure you charge the parents for the damage she is doing to your house! 

5 Apr 2019     

United States

Is there a parent there during the lesson? If so, he or she should stop the behavior. If not, then I suggest that you insist that one of them be there to control the student.

7 Apr 2019     

Mariethe House

She probably is a precocious child which means she needs encouragement but rules too. Very often children like her lack confidence and terribly need to be loved.

8 Apr 2019     

United States

Good point, Mariethe. Often gifted children are perfectionists, afraid of making mistakes. However, to learn a language, the student must make mistakes in order to grow.
What I do with my adult students is to praise mistakes that involve trying new things. For example, my class has been studying the simple past tense and studied the present continuous tense a month ago. When one of my students tried to use the past continuous tense, which we haven´t studied, I praised him a lot for seeing a pattern and trying it, even though he used it incorrectly.

8 Apr 2019