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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > The BIG PIG PIC caption contest    

The BIG PIG PIC caption contest


The BIG PIG PIC caption contest

Hello to ALL of you.

Thanks a million dear friend for choosing my caption, I truly loved your picture. It really was funny and thought provoking. Fortunately I was quicker than our talented LESS! Now as Lynne predicted the battle goes on !!! As I said earlier I love animals. Unlike many here dogs are my favourite. On ESL cats come always first but pigs are very trendy now and known to be much more intelligent than dogs and cats together. So, let us go for a pigpic competition. Dearest ALL I hope this will generate the most hilarious fantastic pigcaptions. Remember that Dale still comes first in the picture hit parade with 27 reactions. I will be waiting for your exciting captions. Let us see if this will nourish your imagination.


Labourious again but I finally made it "ALL BY MYSELF - ELF" "ALL BY MYSE - E - E - E - ELF"

17 Jul 2019      

United States

Why settle for the puss in boots when you can have a pig in boots?

17 Jul 2019     

maryse peyé

How to see life in PINK through a heartful warm and gentle fashion trend !
Head up ! Laughing heart ! Ribbons and pearls !
Very good to see yoooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuu ! My name is Hearty !

17 Jul 2019     

United Kingdom

Perhaps we should take the "full English breakfast" off the menu while our new guests are here.

17 Jul 2019     

United Kingdom

“Round and round the Garden, like a Teddy Bear!

One Step, Two Steps, right away up there!!!"

 ... ...



17 Jul 2019     


Here, see me! I am starting my book to be a model for the next fashion week !!

18 Jul 2019     


The three little pigs rebooted and restyled for the Instagram generation!

18 Jul 2019     


This little pig went to the market
This little pig stayed at home 
This little pig has got sunglasses on
This little pig went to the beauty salon
and this little pig bought the boots in amazon...

19 Jul 2019     


On the upcoming cover of Vogue: Three fashionable pigs: How pig´s fashion matters!

21 Jul 2019     


Well, well ! What´s going on here, nobody in sight ! Either everybody has gone trying to avoid heat waves and other disasters, either this site should be closed by Victor very soon as there isn´t much going on here. So the big pic pig competition ultimately turned out to be a mini competition. But, as there must be a winner I pass the ESL olympig torch to jfaraujo for her "On the upcoming cover of Vogue: Three fashionable pigs: How pig´s fashion matters!" It´s now up to you dear friend, or either wait maybe until better times come.

All the best to everyone.


29 Jul 2019     


Dear Monique! I am absolutely delighted to have been chosen by you as the winner of the Big Pic Competition.
Pitty that there were only a few people taking part of this competition.
I will choose a picture and upload it as soon as I can.

30 Jul 2019