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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > WOD CONTEST    



Well, here I am, it�s been much easier than I thought...! I found a word that hopefully gives free rein to your imagination.
I believe one day we will run out of words, hehehe!  
Have to say I am glad to be back with you all! 

5 Aug 2019      

maryse pey

What an easy word !
You have got the Cistertian Monk able to sing without any music.
Nudiustertian is for the Order of he Nake Gods.
Lets detail the word :
NU is the French for Nake and DIU is (wrong) Latin for GOD. STERTIAN is for Order.
Done !

5 Aug 2019     

United States

Another meaning is starshaped noodle dish. Nudiustertian Nud = noodles Ster = star

5 Aug 2019     

United Kingdom

I have terrible dreams about this. It is when, purely accidentally, somebody finds themselves outside in plain public view without clothes. 

8 Aug 2019     


Thanks for your entries... The truth is that it has not been a very inspiring word...
Here the actual meaning:
adjective: Of or relating to the day before yesterday 
Well, the entry I liked the most has been Maryses, so once more its up to you, Maryse... 
PD: I  hope you are having a great summer!!!

10 Aug 2019     

United Kingdom

I think it was a great word, Aisha. I think everybody is at the beach, including me. 

16 Aug 2019