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ESL forum > Teaching material > FRUITS and VEGGIES    



Hey everyone please check out the Fruits and Vegetable exercises with high def pictures, multiple choice review, video review and slot machine test. Please let me know what you think.

27 Aug 2019      


Hi John, 
I tried the slot machine test - not sure how it�s supposed to work? I was expecting something that would require an answer or action, but all that happens when I press �Click to play� is that it briefly shows me 3 pictures? I can�t type the word or match a word.  If it�s self-testing and then you check whether you�re right by clicking to reveal the answer, perhaps you could make that clear somewhere. 

29 Aug 2019     


Hi Louise,
With the slot machine game I normally press play, let the students see the three pictures briefly and then ask them to repeat the 3 words or write them down. The difficulty lies in their ability to remember all 3. Normally they forget at least one. I have had great feedback in classrooms using this activity as a review of the words. Please let me know if you any doubts. 
PS. the same rules apply to the video clips 

30 Aug 2019     


How on earth do you get students to speak, I mean, speak entire sentences, link ideas, state points, give reasons or contradict, converse, discuss - if they always work on this mechanical word level?

4 Sep 2019     

United Kingdom

Well, horses for courses? This must be intended for beginners and pre-Intermediates? There�s only so much discussion around fruit and vegetables! 

5 Sep 2019