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New School Year

Czech Republic

New School Year
Hi all,
I have three different questions.
1. I teach English at an elementary school in the Czech Republic. I do not have a classroom of my own so I would like to hear your ideas about how to decorate the school corridors or bulletin boards, which posters, printables do you use? I would really appreciate if you could share some photos. 
2. I want my kids to join some international projects like Clean up the World, Cambridge Penfriends. Do you know any other? I would like to put the output of the projects on our school website. 
3. And the last one... What kind of first lessons are you planning to have for this school year for each grade? I teach from the 5th to the 9th graders and plus I�m going to teach a problematic class, one of the 5th classes, the other teachers said they have some behavioural problems so I want them to love our lessons and attract their attention. 
Thank you for your help in advance.  

28 Aug 2019      


1. I use the things kids make and create - stuff like blackout poetry, haikus etc. I sometimes glue their paperwork on colourful papers so it looks nicer (I buy scrapbook paper when its really cheap). I love to combine artwork and language, but Im not sure I can post links to other sites here. If you want, I can send ideas via private message.
2. Every year, we take part in the International Postcards Christmas Exchange project, Culture Boxes exchange and penpal projects. All of these are fun and kids love them.
3. My first lesson is very strict and I present my expectations and classroom rules. I dont even smile. However, Ialso tell them about some fun stuff they would do this year and I finish with a really funny joke or a great game. This way, the feeling shes really strict is stuck in their minds but they also see that English lessons can be really fun.
I understand that you want your future pupils to love your lessons and be attentive, but its really important not to be just someone who entertains them, but also someone who is respected and listened to.
Hope that helps.

29 Aug 2019