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Be careful!


Be careful!
Hello dear teachers, there is a guy in Facebook selling a "book" with exercises stolen from this site. It also has watermarks. We already told him he can�t do that but he is proud of his "job" and he is still selling it. I attach the link to his post, is there something we can do about it? https://www.facebook.com/groups/290975568377552/permalink/524833464991760/

29 Aug 2019      


I am not on facebook, so I cannot see anything, I don´t know what it could be done or not, hope Victor tells us something...
Aisha :( 

29 Aug 2019     

Czech Republic

I suggest a good start could also be to terminate the accounts of those posting stolen worksheets on this site. passing them as their own. If you look at the new printables before they are published, every day, (or the list of reported printables), the number of people doing this is astonishing. 
Sorry to bring up the topic. 
The link is to a closed FB group unfortunately.

29 Aug 2019     


He said he searched in google for worksheets about a topic, he took a screenshot of the worksheet and then pasted it in word. He is not even a member of the site.

30 Aug 2019     


I´ll see what I can do, but Facebook is full of copyrighted material shared or sold without permission, while small websites like this have to be very careful with copyright violations. Too sad.

31 Aug 2019     


Everyday I report his posts but FB doesn´t do anything about it. He is also selling "Inglés Sin Barreras" material and he said that he found them in Google so there´s no problem selling them. I´m really upset!

31 Aug 2019     


Shame on both of That member and on FB for the infringement of copyrighted material :(

3 Sep 2019