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ESL forum > > Why my worksheets are always reported    

Why my worksheets are always reported


Why my worksheets are always reported
I always work hard to create my own worksheets and people start to report every worksheet that I post. It´s not fair since the only thing that I use in my worshops are some pictures to color. I try to be careful at the moment to choose the images but I always fail.. I am upset since this is the only way to get new material to work with my students, but people always reject my job

16 Dec 2019      

maryse peyé

Hi Andres,
I saw your 3 worksheets reported and if I remember well they were because some of your pictures were watermarked or copyright. You must find FREE pictures for your work. It is clearly stated in the rules to read before joining ESL.
Here is an example of banned image :
and here is an example of watermaked AND copyright image : 
 Look at the marks on the drawings and the "c" in the circle before "Xmas".
If you type FREE pictures I am sure you can find something you will use without any problem.
Try again to upload your worksheets with free pictures and your OWN exercises in ENGLISH only. And it will be ok. 

17 Dec 2019     

United Kingdom

Good advice from Maryse. Clker and pixabay are good sites for images with no marks. Any image with no copyright or watermark is good to use here....Although even that doesn´t guarantee that the images are not copyrighted. 

17 Dec 2019     

[email protected]

I searched the Internet for [royalty free images].
The description of this site in a Google search result: Search through thousands of royalty free images on Pexels. You can use all images on Pexels for free, even for commercial use. 
If you find sites with a description like that, you are safe.
In the past I have found sites with lovely clipart that I wanted to use in materials I made for ESLP / materials I thought I may upload to ESLP as well as using them myself.
I wrote an email to the site admin and stated honestly that I was making material for an ESL-worksheet contribution-based site called eslprintables.com.
I stated that it was not commercial.
I asked for permission to use the clipart (that gave me a digital record that I had permission from the copyright owner).
I stated in the eslprintables worksheet descrition where the images were from and that I had written persmission to use them.
No images contained watermarks.
I had no problems doing that.
Perhaps you could try that?
At least now you have the site name above and this information to start with... 

17 Dec 2019