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Server Error 500 - Technical Difficulties


Server Error 500 - Technical Difficulties
Dear ALL,
I have 2 problems:
1. When I try to upload a new worksheet, at the very end of the process I get a scree that says: Server Error 500.. It started 3 days ago, June 10
2. I have received several PMs saying one of my worksheets had been removed because it was empty or corrupted. However, it appears in My Worksheets  but cannot be downloaded.
Any help? Recommendation?
Thank you very much

12 Jun 2020      


Maybe you should try to upload it again. 

13 Jun 2020     


Ive tried many times. Thats why, I think I got so many  PMs.
Ive just tried again using a NEW file. Still the same message. Here it is:

I have even tried uploading a file from another computer and the same happens.

Is there anything I can do?
Thank you for your help.

13 Jun 2020     


Hi have you checked what nature of your document is  ,here only certains types of documents are accepted ex:doc  word  or you can try changing your browser, from FIrefox to Chrome or another?????????

14 Jun 2020     


Ive tried with .doc  .docx, from a PC, a laptop but always on Firefox. Im going to try using a plain format.
Thanks Sylvie

No. It didn�t work either. I�m out of ideas.

14 Jun 2020