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learning methods


learning methods
Hi,everybody! How can I improve my speaking and listening skills? I am not good at these.Please give me some advice.Thanks a lot in advance.

22 Jul 2020      


Hi, to improve your listening skills is easier than to improve your speaking skills. You can watch films  in English or do listening exercices. There are hundreds on line, many of them with corrections. To improve your speaking skills you could ask some native speakers if they could talk on skype or WhatApp with you. You can´t improve speaking just with exercices, you need a person who corrects you. 

23 Jul 2020     


You can also try to speak to an imaginary person. The positive side is that you can do that all day in whatever situation.
This can sound strange but I used to do it. It really works.
What is important is practice, practice and practice.

23 Jul 2020     

United Kingdom

To add to the excellent advice the others have given, and assuming you haven´t got a native speaker to chat with, you could try ´shadowing´. Listen to youtube clips, films etc. Listen to what one of the speakers says and repeat it, as closely as you can to how they say it. It involves pause and re-wind etc, but it can help. 

24 Jul 2020     


@karagozian: best answer! Now I just need to decide on my imaginary person..

24 Jul 2020     


What about reading? Since you can not being in an english environment try reading english books as much as you can.
You can learn grammar rules just by reading. I love it try using Kindle.

24 Jul 2020     

United States

Interesting question! 
http://www.pearltrees.com/u/13620822-english-conversations-topics This link suggests practicing speaking with a robot. Has anyone tried it?

24 Jul 2020     

United Kingdom

Is this any good? 

24 Jul 2020