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ESL forum > Concerning worksheets > Any way to get back deleted worksheets?    

Any way to get back deleted worksheets?

Czech Republic

Any way to get back deleted worksheets?
 I spent hours finding advertisments with English text in them for students to compare and talk about, the worksheets had instructions for students on how to use the advertisments in a speaking exercise, they were deleted because there weren�t enough English words in them. I don�t feel like they were breaking the rules, there was a lot more English than "Colour the shirt blue, colour the trousers red" and there was no copyright infringement, but anyway, is there no way I can get them back? They took so long and I�d really like to use them again, I made them on the work computer so they were deleted at the end of the day

12 Aug 2020      


I dont remember your worksheet, so I dont know why it was reported and deleted. But if you made the worksheet, you must have the original on your computer. It is not possible to get a deleted worksheet back.
By the way, I agree with you that there are many worksheets that are only color this or lists of words and in my opinion they cant be considered useful worksheets, but unless Victor changes the rules, there is nothing that can be done. 
I wanted to discuss this matter on the forum, but my post was blocked. Perhaps now is a good time to try again. 

13 Aug 2020     

United Kingdom

Hi Rebecca, Ive heard that the only way you could get your WS back is to contact Victor, quoting the ID number and any other info... Or it may be in the recycle bin of your work computer. (This is what my contact told me, who I mentioned to you in a pm, I am IT-illiterate!). Anyway, I am sorry this has happened to you, it is annoying.
Well Silvia, here we are!  I think that a bit of discretion can be applied by professionals such as ourselves. In my humble opinion, something which is �just images can constitute a good ESL resource, at any level, not just for young learners or beginners. Not just any old collection of random images, agreed, but a well-chosen set of images.
Looking at the rules, there is wriggle-room (the possibility to make an informed professional judgement) because a set of images can be considered as flashcards. Any completely useless wss are catered for: I think I read somewhere that wss with no downloads are removed after a certain time. 
As for lists, once again, a random list is of no use, but a well-researched list might well be useful. In any case, lists are allowed.  
It would be really interesting to hear what anybody else thinks about this. 
PS: your granny ws is wonderful!

13 Aug 2020