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ESL forum > Make suggestions, report errors > Why the rule on no foreign language?    

Why the rule on no foreign language?


Why the rule on no foreign language?
This topic may well have been covered before, but I don�t often read the Forum. I recently sent a printable of a dialogue about COVID-19 and included about 20 Chinese words--among the 409 English words--that translated or explained more difficult language. So, the submission was rejected because of the Chinese. It was no big deal to go back and eliminate the Chinese words, but it seems to me that they would really be helpful to explain the English conversation, like "social distancing". It wasn�t like a word for word translation. Don�t we want submissions that would be most helpful to our members? I suggested in my original statement to take out the Chinese and replace with a different language. Again, it�s no big deal but I think my original submission would have been more helpful to our members who work with Chinese students.

31 Aug 2020      


Dont worry...it happened to me too because I included a few French words. What really bugged me was that the person who reported the first document containing French words then took pleasure in checking all the others and reporting them one by one. How pitiful!

31 Aug 2020     

United Kingdom

There is a rule that contributions have to be 100% in English. I guess that is so they can be downloaded by anybody, anywhere in the world and be of immediate use. @ Pauld, I noticed that reporting and I thought it was over-the-top. I dont like historical reporting, unless for something that might get the site into trouble about copyright or whatever. Clearly, a few foreign language words wasnt going to do that.  Occasionally, moderators dont use the discretion they should, but we must be grateful to them on the whole, as they do a good job. Imho, this is the best site, with the highest standards, so we have to take the rough with the smooth:-) 

1 Sep 2020     

United States

In the early days of the site we started getting some printables that were more in a foreign language than in English and people were getting frustrated..download a printable then realize you cant use it.  When it came to a rule, Victor made it black and white so we wouldnt have to  argue and discuss every worksheet that got reported.
OBTW: I agree with Cunliffe completely regarding "historical reporting"

1 Sep 2020     


Thanks for your answer. I do agree that its a great site anyway but when I notice foreign words in a document I do not report it because I very well know that translating another language is so easy today you just dont need to bother well meaning people. Take care!

2 Sep 2020     


It is a GREAT site indeed !
It happens that contributors do not read the rules very well.
It happens that moderators read them too well.
I wouldn�t blame the latter as some spend hours and hours of their precious free time reporting daily uncountable copies.
This remains a great site even if it is occasionally not perfect.

4 Sep 2020