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Reported worksheets


Reported worksheets
Dear members
I am here to express my disappointment regarding some actions taken by some members.
Yesterday I uploaded 2 worksheets ("Where are you from" and "Playground games") as a development of the writing skill. Both of them are ALL written in English. How is it possible that I receive a message today with a reported saying that "This is a message to inform you that your contribution PLAYGROUND GAMES has been reported for the following reason:
It is not in English language"???
What I conclude is that some members do not take time to analyse each worksheet correctly and simply reporte them. It is the second time it happens to me this week. Anyone else in this situation? Who are the moderators of this website? Is it Victor only? Two of my uploaded worksheets simply disappeared...

9 Nov 2020      


As one of the moderators I tried to check but couldn�t see any of your reported wss. And I do not remember it or them.
What I do see though is that you reported a ws. for the same reason.
Sorry that I cannot help you. I guess That contributor must feel just like you unhappy and frustrated.

checked once more.
Yours was reported for bits of sentences in Portuguese
YOU reported a ws with a Spanish sentence.

If I were you I would first read the rules and as a newcomer I wouldn�t dare reporting other people�s work.
Well that�s a personal opinion.

Anyway welcome to ESL if you still want to share your work with us.



9 Nov 2020     


Monique I replied the message I received from "eslprintables". (spanish flag) with the reported message.
Could you please check it?
Thank you. 

9 Nov 2020     


It�s very simple.
Delete the sentence for which is was reported and re-upload it again.
Good luck

9 Nov 2020     


I did read your rules and I do think members should analyse ws better. Aren�t the rules the same for everyone?
I will re-upload them.
Thank you. 

9 Nov 2020     


Instead of making a drama, re-upload the worksheet but 1st delete the words that are in Spanish.

9 Nov 2020     


Dear Nannini,
Moderators are people like you and me with over 5 000  points. 
I am a moderator and I try to do my best to be fair, but sometimes mistakes happen even if we are careful.
However, I never report a worksheet without checking... 
I would advise you to upload again your worksheet after checking that there�s nothing wrong with it.
I have also had reported worksheets without understanding why....
So don�t give up and keep on sharing you nice useful work.
Take care.

10 Nov 2020     


Hi, the problem is that if any word in the document is not in English the whole worksheet is reported. I don�t agree with this, but it is in the rules.
I understand you, I have had a lot of worksheets reported only for a title or because I forgot to change "nombre" to "name".
I believe some moderators are too strict with that. For example today a test was reported only because the part where students write their names was in another language. I am a moderator too, so I expressed my opinion and voted to keep the worksheet.
But if you want to avoid all this I recommend you to avoid using any other language in your worksheet.
Good Luck
Ana Laura

12 Nov 2020