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Answer keys for worksheets

United Kingdom

Answer keys for worksheets
Must worksheets that are uploaded have an answer key included or is this asking for too much? I am personally of the opinion that an answer key should be included.

18 Nov 2020      


 I donīt think that it should be an obligation. I only include an answer key if the answer is not obvious or very difficult.

18 Nov 2020     


I include them but the rules do not say We Have to. Itīs up to you to see what you download or not. Use your comments to congratulate, thank or whatever. BTW Thanks a million for your comments.

18 Nov 2020     

Russian Federation

Certainly, there could be the keys to the answers but it isn`t obligatary when it`s clear as a day for example, the elementary level. It`s my point of view,

18 Nov 2020     


In my Opinion, you are asking too much, they are helping us to save time to our classes. We should be able to at least make our own keys 

18 Nov 2020     

United Kingdom

I generally include an answer key, unless it is a subjective answer. Having said that, my latest worksheet doesnīt have an answer key. Mind you, it really is very obvious. 

19 Nov 2020     

David Lisgo

It can be a lot of extra work to create an answer key, but it is an eminent way of proof reading your own work, as well as a handy resource for your students to check their own work.

19 Nov 2020     

Czech Republic

I don´t think it should be obligatory. But I´d ask you to include the key if possible. It´s often very helpful because I can send the worksheets with the key to students who are absent.

19 Nov 2020     


The problem is that to ask that the size of the document must be bigger. Sometimes I have a hard time to make the worksheets to weight less than 1mb. Imagine if I include the keys.

19 Nov 2020     


@de meter. If you provide a KEY without pictures you wonīt have a size pb. It is THE pictures that are heavy. The pics or sometimes one silly pic will make you mad. All the best. MONIQUE

20 Nov 2020