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About moderating again


About moderating again
Hi all, I hope you are fine.
It�s me again about moderating. I have noticed that in the last weeks, many members have uploaded exams papers. Some of them are clearly not the member�s work, but official  exams, sometimes stated on the paper. But other times, I know that it is a copy, but I don�t know the source. What shall we do, accept them or report them?

29 Nov 2020      


We should report them, in order to protect the people who actually did all the work, be it a teacher or a team from the ministry of education. That is my opinion.

29 Nov 2020     

David Lisgo

If the name on the contribution is different to the members name then I believe we are justified in reporting them, though I have not done so, so far. 

29 Nov 2020     


When people mind their craft they dont have time to critize others.

29 Nov 2020     


I dont think copies of official exams can be allowed - the copyright belongs to the exam board, doesnt it?

29 Nov 2020     

United Kingdom

I thought we had agreed that members could upload supplementary exercises to text books, as long as they clearly state the text? I do not understand why these contributions are being reported. If you dont use that particular coursebook, dont download the ws. But why prevent others? 
The same thing with excellent wss  which have sections of listening, without the link. Many of these exercises can be improvised, if the teacher wants to do them. Mainly though, these are exercises in the same category as my point above. A sizeable section of the community will have that particular resource. Why deprive them? 

30 Nov 2020     


We should just take a break. Take a deep breath with our masks on and go for a deserved rest.

1 Dec 2020     

United Kingdom

Worksheets are our game, 
Moderators is our name 
Helpful advice is given free
Here on E-S-L-P 
We work to get it right
But sometimes, we have a proper fight
If I stick up a fisticuff
Its just a little bit of bluff.  

1 Dec 2020