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ESL forum > Teaching material > Bad language in worksheet    

Bad language in worksheet


Bad language in worksheet
Hi all, I hope you are fine. I�m looking for advice of the native speaking moderators. Yesterday I uploaded a worksheet about reported speech. It was reported and deleted. I got a message that says that it was not an English resource because of BAD language. The only sentence I could imagine would fit into bad language was this one: A guide thought; " tourists are stupid. They don�t even look around, they just take photos". So, I would like to know if the word stupid has such a terrible impact in English. As many of you know, I make worksheets in 4 languages and sometimes I don�t feel that what we can say in one language is not allowed in an other. In French, German or Portuguese, stupid is not a very heavy word. Of course, you wouldn�t say it to an other person, but in this case, it was was the guide was thinking.   If one of you would like to see the worksheet, I uploaded it also on islcollective.
I�m not fighting for my worksheet, I�m just curious about the use of the word. 
Thank you for giving me your advice 

18 Feb 2021      

David Lisgo

I checked the worksheet and couldn�t find any bad language so voted for it to stay. I am surprised that it was deleted.

18 Feb 2021     


I eally hope you could post it again dear Silvia ...with no trouble at all this time.
And yes stupid is not a bad word in French ... Just sometimes the sad reality ...

18 Feb 2021     


Hi Silvia,

I also voted for your worksheet to stay because there was nothing wrong with it . Maybe you should try to post it again.

I checked it again and the only problem I could find with it was a few spelling mistakes (StupidE has no E at the end in English- Fantastic starts with an F and not with PH - EAR instead of EAT).

But we all commit that sort of spelling mistakes in our worksheets.

18 Feb 2021     


Why don�t you just use "silly" instead of "stupid" ?

18 Feb 2021     

United Kingdom

I can´t see any "bad language." Must be a misunderstanding. I know that "stupid" means something slightly different in Spanish. Perhaps that has something to do with it. It´s still not what I would call bad language, though. 
Oddly enough, I tried to leave a review for your nephew�s book on Amazon España in English and it was rejected for obscenities! I looked it over again and again but could not get what they meant. I think, in the case of Amazon, it is an algorithm that hunts out bad language, in my case they just misunderstood the words as they were in English, but in this case, I suspect it´s more of a human misunderstanding. I think you should post it again. 

18 Feb 2021     


Post it again! Didn�t vote. Didnt see it. Am taking a few days off. This is obviously a misunderstanding or misclick. Don�t worry Silvia. Your work is fabulous. Monique

18 Feb 2021     

United States

In my region in the US we don�t say some one is stupid very often, as some people do find it kind of insulting. It is much stronger than the word blöd in German.
This may have started with the Politically Correct movement to clean up the language and make it less offensive and stop labeling people with negative labels. An example of this is the word retarded. Retarded used to be a medical developmental designation of low IQ, but soon people were calling others retards in a non-medical, insulting way.
It sounds less strong, to me, to say dumb. Tourists are dumb or incomprehensible .  "I don�t understand tourists" (commenting on their behavior) would be more politically correct.
 However, stupid isn�t necessarily a bad word, as can be seen here https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/stupid
I don�t think your worksheet should have been removed. I think it is very nice and useful.

18 Feb 2021     

United Kingdom

Stupid is a loaded word nowadays. However, it is fine to say that tourists are stupid. Stupid is not bad language. Of course, a teacher would never call a student stupid. You can say their behaviour is stupid. Personally, I keep away from the word in class, just to be safe. 

19 Feb 2021     


Thank you all for your replies. This was very useful. I wanted to know about the word and if it was insulting. I had noticed the spelling mistakes, but when I wanted to correct them, the worksheet had already been deleted. Never mind. The important thing here was the English meaning. Stay safe.

19 Feb 2021