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Caption competition


Caption competition
Hi everyone
Thank you viccxx for choosing my caption as the winning caption.
I have chosen this picture in honour of Les, who was a magician in his other job.
We await your witty contributions.
 You can teach an old dog new tricks as seen in this image of a funny Basett Hound pulling a cat out of a magician�s hat, an image created with humorous greeting and birthday cards in mind.
Source: https://www.johnlund.com/page/8633/funny-dog-pictures.asp

23 Feb 2021      

maryse peyé

Woof ! Categorically foolish !
Meaow ! Who fool are you ?
Cat out of a hat
is not a dog in a hot dog !
Gimme a hat to hide my fat cat...
Gimme some fog to hide my frog and my dog... 

23 Feb 2021     

United Kingdom

You should see what Rover has up his sleeve! 

24 Feb 2021     



24 Feb 2021     

United Kingdom

Two more seconds and I will make this dog disappear. 

24 Feb 2021     


Dogs are not only twice as big as cats. It turns out that they have about twice the number of neurons in their cerebral cortexes than what cats have, which suggests they could be about twice as intelligent.

24 Feb 2021     


The Great Dogdini and his lovely assistant Catgella.

24 Feb 2021     

United Kingdom

A dog put his paw in a hat,
And pulled out a magical cat.
I´ll comply for a while, 
To make everyone smile.
But I´d rather sit on a mat.
(said that cat).  

A limerick, not an entry. Forgive the italics rather than speech marks, I can�t bear that thing it does with speech marks. Wink

Cats or dogs? mused Monique,
Well, dogs are more sympathique.
Dogs are so clever!
And they love you forever,
But they are not very aromatique. LOL

25 Feb 2021     

United States

No words could come close to matching Les´s literary wit and disarming prose, so here´s a cat instead.

26 Feb 2021     


The show must go on. No matter how, who, what, when and where. Let´s be patient and we will be part of the live audience.

26 Feb 2021     


Hi Everyone
Thanks for all your fantabulous contributions.  Les was simply Lestabulous and I find that Douglas´s words sum that up nicely. Over to Douglas now.

28 Feb 2021