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ESL forum > Concerning worksheets > When is the PDF format available ?    

When is the PDF format available ?


When is the PDF format available ?
Hi there, are there colleagues in here who are having format compatibility issues ?

I am a super fan of this website and a regular user, I think this is really helpful in many ways, yet I wanted to share with you one of my frustrations.

I use a Mac to create my worksheets which I mostly use in PDF format in class or outside because I think this is the most compatible format and also the most convenient.

I know we can only post .doc files, but is there any chance that sooner or later this website would open this option to PDF, I feel pretty confident that many users would enjoy that option. When I try to convert my .pages files to .doc, the font etc do not always match;, and conversely as I download word files. Even if I used Open Office. 

What is your opinion ? Donïŋ―t you think PDF files would sometimes make our lives easier since .doc files are not always stable ?


26 Feb 2021      


HI there!
I believe PDF format is not exactly suitable and praticle for the majority. Most people when download ws or ppt tend to adapt them to their needs. Uploading PDF brings to much work and the purpose of this site is to share oneīs work and make each othersī lives easier. 
Thatīs my humble opinion anyway. It doesnīt mean that I am right! 
Stay safe! 

26 Feb 2021     

United States

I agree with Ascincoquinas. How can one edit a pdf document?

26 Feb 2021     


You can use kamy to write in pdf formats.
Do take care!!!

26 Feb 2021     


 I share the  opinion that Pdf files are very difficult to work with. Sometimes I like a text, but the exercices are not suitable, or the text is too long or too difficult and I have to adapt it. So, I, personally, am not interested in Pdf files. 

27 Feb 2021     


@Rossman2 Thank you for the idea of using Kami! I didnīt know about such a tool.
As for the original question by Misternoze, I agree that PDFs are useful and have their advantages. Maybe you should send your suggestion to the owner of this website?
However, I tend to think that ESLP members are used to enjoying easily editable documents, and this is the great advantage of the contributions we can find here. E.g., if I make a spelling mistake in my worksheet, you can correct it in a second, before printing it out for your students. Well... I hope that soon weīll be able to go back to school and print...

27 Feb 2021     

Russian Federation

It is not the fist time when someone asks about pdf. Some years ago we didnīt have the opportunity to upload .docx files (only .doc) now we have it because many people asked about it. So I donīt mind having a .pdf format.
This site has a plugin which converts .doc(x) to images. Maybe it is possible to add a plugin which converts .doc(x) to .pdf. Users will still keep uploading .doc(x) files, the system will convert them and the users will have the opportunity to download either .doc(x) or .pdf version of the same file.

27 Feb 2021     


Itīs just that pdf files are about everywhere on the net, sadly not on this website.
I understand the fact that word doc are editable, but hey, wouldnīt it be better if we were given the choice. .doc or pdf.
Plus, word is a nightmare to work on when youīve tried "pages" on a mac, trust me.

1 Mar 2021     


A lot of people use Microsoft Word but for those of us who donīt, itīs a pain having to convert to Word format and I often have problems losing formatting/fonts when I do so. 
We should at least encourage the use of docx rather than doc. Doc is entirely proprietary whereas docx is part of the Office Open XML standard and therefore is easier to convert other formats to.

2 Mar 2021