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ESL forum > Concerning worksheets > Listening Worksheets without Links or Tapescripts    

Listening Worksheets without Links or Tapescripts

David Lisgo

Listening Worksheets without Links or Tapescripts

I am mystified as to how popular listening worksheets without links or tapescripts are. They often end up in the top ten each day. I just cannot imagine contributing such materials, myself. I hope that more members who produce such work will give links to tapescripts or, when the material is not copyrighted, include the tapescript in their contribution, then more members will benefit from your efforts.


11 Mar 2021      


Hi David, I agree totally with you. I think that some teachers make worksheets that  are meant only for their own students. Every day there are worksheets with questions about a text that isn┤t there (there is only an indication of the page without even saying what book it is), listening without a link. ( And I would go further, but I think that my colleagues wouldn┤t  agree. A listening for me is something original not a tape script  read by the teacher, but this is an other question). If the worksheet is not complete and more or less ready to use, it should be reported and deleted. Perhaps it would be interesting that the author gets a complete explanation why the worksheet was reported. So he/she can complete it and upload it again. 

11 Mar 2021     


Agree. And to go further. When Links are not anymore operationnal. Members can send me an mp. I still have all the audios and videos in my PC. With Wetransfer they can be sent easily. I totally agree that tapescripts can be useful but aren´┐Żt enough.

11 Mar 2021     

United Kingdom

There is nothing in the rules that bars these worksheets, actually. They are reported under ´┐Żnot an esl resource´┐Ż. This is patently absurd, they are most definitely esl resources.  The worksheets referred to are (mainly) from Tunisian members. They do not consist of just listening. I have just downloaded a reported one and 6 marks were allocated to the listening, many more to really excellent gap fills, choose the right alternative etc, that any teacher could use. I am sorry but I think it is mean-spirited not to allow them. They are a massively useful resource for a specific section of our community and can be used or easily adapted by everyone. We have a saying in the UK: what Meghan wants, Meghan gets. Just replace Meghan with eslprintables members. These wss are brilliant, popular and useful. Leave them alone. I am sorry for my tone, but we have discussed this many times. 
Edit: not many times, sorry, but certainly we have aired this topic. 

11 Mar 2021     

David Lisgo

Oh Silvia! I can┤t imagine a teacher getting their students to become members to download their worksheets from ESLPrintables. How creative, though students would have to contribute first. Am I too innocent?

If the worksheet is purely a listening exercise without any additions, then ┤yes┤ it is not a teaching resource if it is without link, reference or tapescript.

Lynne the fact that they have additional exercises is the very reason why I never report such worksheets, but never-the-less it would make these worksheets more valuable to non-"Tunisian" members if a link or a reference were supplied.

Monique, you are a geek. "Wetransfer!" I should try that.

Edit: I like that new saying "What Megan wants. Megan gets."

11 Mar 2021     

United Kingdom

David I am glad you don┤t report worksheets which have a lot of useful material, even though there may be a listening exercise without a link. I have noticed that for many of the listenings, a teacher could improvise anyway. 
I agree on encouraging Tunisian members to include links, but I think it is wrong, and nowhere in the rules, to delete them. Yesterday, there were four or five of these wss reported and presumably deleted, despite, as you say, being very popular. 
Maybe if every time we notice such a ws, one of us sends a pm, thanking the member for the contribution, but asking them to include a link for the listening the next time? With messages like yours on the forum like this, and a pm, the message might get through, without the blunt instrument of deletion.  
In the UK, we are consumed with the fallout of the Oprah interview! But I still have time for eslprintables.
I fully support all the moderators on here, they do a fantastic job. 

12 Mar 2021