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Teaching Clothes


Teaching Clothes
Hello, Can you please help me with some interesting and fun ideas/ activities for teaching online - CLOTHES to A1 students. Thank you so much.. Ruxandra

22 Mar 2021      


Once the students have mastered some simple vocabulary, I like to play a kind of "guess who" game.
On the screen, show a few numbered pictures of people wearing distinctive clothing (maybe 5 or 6 to start with).
You choose someone but donīt say who it is. Pupils must take turns to ask yes/no questions to find out who it is. For example, "Is the person wearing a skirt?" I tend to choose quite funny pictures, for example someone in an oversized hat, or someone in enormous clown trousers.
As you add more vocabulary and structures, the game can advance into more complex questions: "Is the person wearing a blue hat? / Is the person wearing stripey trousers? / Is the person wearing a long-sleeved top?" You can also increase the difficulty by adding more pictures to the screen at one time.
This is good for an online game as pupils take it in turn to ask questions, but they all need to listen to the answers if they want to be first to guess the correct answer. The person who guesses correctly is the next person to choose a secret picture, and the pupils will now question them.
Does that make sense? 

22 Mar 2021     


I use powerpoints ( that I found here on ESLP) and videos.

22 Mar 2021     

Russian Federation

Hi ruxa80,
why not explore educaplay.com? 
The site has some nice templates for interactive online activities. Its great plus is that you as a taeacher embed the items of clothing your ss have studied. Donīt hesitate to try and youīll have much fun with that.
Best regards 

22 Mar 2021     


Bring realia ( real clothes ) in the class and have students elicit the various clothes names. Give a clothes dictation to review colors as well - if beginners group. Get students to dress a paper puppet ( cut- glue clothes ). Play a game I have.... who has or bingo game. Keep visuals close for weaker students. Hope it helps.

26 Mar 2021