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ESL forum > Ask for help > must or had to in indirect speech?    

must or had to in indirect speech?

class centre

must or had to in indirect speech?
dear friends! in different places i see different explanations on this issue. can you give me a definite answer whether to use must or had to in indirect speech?Thank you.

24 Mar 2021      


Hi there!
Take a look at this link:  HAVE TO, MUST | Grammar | EnglishClub.
And in case you still have doubts best wait for native speakers.

24 Mar 2021     

class centre


24 Mar 2021     

United States

Formally speaking, present changes to past in indirect speech. Since must doesnīt have a past tense, it changes to had to.
You must eat your spinach.
   She told him that he had to eat his spinach.
In informal usage, in the US at least, we often keep the present tense, and say, "She told him that he must eat his spinach."
So, itīs a matter of how formal you want to be.


24 Mar 2021     

class centre

Thank you,Bruce, very much. This american  way of using must  in indirect speech both in present and past  are in some 
Textbooks.  so it made me confused about  the rule. Now I have it clear. Thanks again

25 Mar 2021