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workshop about jobs online


workshop about jobs online
Hi there.
could anyone suggest some activities to work online with a group of students from different levels all together, related to jobs and professions. It could be competitions and interactive activities.

2 May 2021      

United Kingdom

I have had this a few times myself with company groups that their H&R departments threw together. One of the groups had a couple of students who moaned that I spoke too slowly for the lower levels while at the same time that another had complained that they could not understand me. All good practice though, to be fair. I have used quizzes and my own phrasal verb worksheets for groups that range between pre-intermediate to advanced, along with some Kahoot quizzes that I designed to go with the worksheets. I have also used debates to consolidate. I have placed the links below, in case you fancy. Either way, good luck!
What Verb is it?  - A1 to A2 level (verb conjugations and short forms) 
What does that Verb Mean?  (mixed level quiz for advanced vocab)
Animal Superlative Quiz (A2 level) 
Phrasal Verbs about Pandemics (topical phrasal verb quiz)
ESL Pollution Quiz (Pre-intermediate)  
Homophones (A2 to C1) 
Phrasal Verbs about Politics (useful for politicians, local government works, unions, executives, etc.) 
But letīs not forget, there are some useful online worksheets that can be done in groups on Liveworksheets

3 May 2021     


Thanks very much for these links, love this kind of creative appoach; I will certainly use some of these with one of my adult business students.

3 May 2021