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it �s been a long time


it �s been a long time
there was a time, when I was obsessed with this site, hope everyone is doing well. I haven�t posted a message in 10 years. God bless. 

3 May 2021      


Welcome Back! 

3 May 2021     


Your worksheets are interesting, different is always good!

3 May 2021     

United Kingdom

Hi babz. I am in this group: Eslprintables Obsessives. Members come and go, leaving their body of work here for others. I keep thinking Ill have a break from the site - I dont teach ESL any more, so in theory, dont need it. But, here I am. It is lovely to see your post.

4 May 2021     


Me too, am retired. But I find it fun to go on sharing my work and even creating new wss. Its a way to share and meet friends. Also to feel a bit useful. And furthermore not to disconnect completely. Your worsheets are fab!
Welcome bac to the club.
BTW I do not download anymore.

4 May 2021     

United States

Hey Babs! 
Good to hear from you. The site has changed quite a bit since back then when we would play so much on the forum. It has grown and, in so doing, has left some of the fun and familiarity we used to have, but it is still a nice, generally non-threatening place to go for good solid advice, excellent worksheets, and usually a caring ear.
It is still the best esl site on the web that I have found.

4 May 2021     


Hello Babs,
I remember when I first started on ESLPrintables and being addicted to it.  Things have settled into a pleasant checking in regularly.  Good to see your greetings.

4 May 2021     


Welcome back!
Like Lynne, I dont teach any more but I guess I have got in the habit of making the occasional worksheet.

5 May 2021     


With humility, gratitude and affection, thank you all! You all have created a treasure trove. :) :) :)

7 May 2021