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ESL forum > > Contribution erroneously removed - copied    

Contribution erroneously removed - copied


Contribution erroneously removed - copied
Apparently worksheet worksheet:871330 - "Helpping Verbs with tenses" - was removed. The reason given was it was scanned from a book This is MY OWN WORK and dateable. If it appears in a book it has been copied or stolen. Can someone tell me what book it was "copied" from as they clearly have stolen my work.

28 May 2021      

United Kingdom

Hello wilko, I am sorry to hear this. I do a bit of moderating, but I did not see your worksheet. Occasionally mistakes are made, although this one should not have been, because if we report a worksheet as being copied from a book, we have to state the book and page number. Once a ws has been deleted, it is not recoverable. Why donīt you re-upload it and put a note on it? I know it is very annoying and upsetting when this happens. 
Have a lovely day, and carry on regardless! 

29 May 2021     


Hello Wilko,
I totally agree with Lynne. I also do a bit of moderating, but if it is your own work, I would advise you to up-load it again. I didnīt see you worksheet but mistakes do happen and we all try to do our best, however sometimes some worksheets are reported without any proper reasons.
Have a nice weekend .

29 May 2021     


This has happened to all of us. Reupload that ws.

30 May 2021     


I also had the same situation. 

1 Jun 2021