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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > WOD June 4th    

WOD June 4th

United States

WOD June 4th
Hello All, My oh my! I just came across this word, and think it is the percect candidate for the Word of the Day contest. Who is game to play a round? Rules: post a silly, funny, or clever made up definition--not the true definition 🤔. I can�t wait to see what you come up with. The WOD is "snollygoster" .

3 Jun 2021      

maryse peyé

Oh yes I know this !
It is Snoopy´s holy ghost Easter !!
Afficher l’image source Afficher l’image source

4 Jun 2021     


When the bassist Adam Nolly goes for oysters he is "snollygostering"... ;)

4 Jun 2021     


"Snollygoster" is a word which was used in Britain around the 1930s to express shock, amazement or frustration. 
"Oh snollygoster! We´ve missed the last train home!" 

6 Jun 2021     

United Kingdom

Have you heard of the Dementors? The ghastly beings in JK Rowling´s Harry Potter, who suck the life out of anything and everything good? Good old JK based these characters on the real life snollygosters. They exist, indeed, you probably know one or two. They cast a dark cloud over everything and do their best to dishearten and to discourage. Here is the etymology: nolly = good, kind, adding an s transforms the word into its opposite. Goster = to tease out, or wheedle out. 
We don´t allow snollygosters on eslprintables, thank God for small mercies.  

6 Jun 2021     


Snollygoster is a word used by zoomers to describe an iPhone that is more than approximately one year old.
Models prior to 11 and 12 were developed at Apple by the spooky-looking and very pale Jason Snolly.
"Oh dude; you´re still using that snollygoster? Sksksksks So cringey"

8 Jun 2021     

United Kingdom

A snollygoster is a medical condition that affects one´s snollies. I had better not go into any more detail. 

10 Jun 2021