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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > My favorite food    

My favorite food

Travelling High and Low

My favorite food
Hello, we have a wee debate going on over here. 
I�m hoping you won�t mind sharing your views and opinions. 
The grammar point is: 
My favorite food ~ . (not favorite foods)
My favorite food is curry.   is = okay
My favorite food is oranges. 
My favorite food are oranges. 
One side of the school believes that �My favorite food is oranges� is correct, because �food� is uncountable and therefore should be followed by �is
The other side believes that �My favorite food are oranges� is correct, because �oranges� are countable/plural and therefore �are should be used.
I can find several web links that strongly agree with both sides and I�m rather stuck at this point. 
Any views and opinions would be wonderfully welcome!  

9 Jun 2021      

United Kingdom

I am not sure grammatically what that should be and so I am not surprised you can find links for both, however, my favourite food are just sounds wrong! Yuck! My favourite food is oranges is what would be said in my neck of the woods. And if I had to choose an explanation, it would be the argument supporting this - food is uncountable and should be followed by is. 
My favourite food is pizza. My favourite food is fish and chips. My favourite food is a roast. My favourite foods are pizza and pasta. I think people would say this a bit differently: Oranges are my favourite food. 
Just imagine you are going round the class, asking: What is your favourite food? The natural answer: My favourite food is..... followed by whatever.  
Just for the record, if I was asked this, I think I would say: my favourite dish and for me, my favourite dish is scrambled eggs on toast. My favourite breakfast is tinned tomatoes. 

10 Jun 2021     


Fully agree with Lynne.

10 Jun 2021     


A TOP explanation !

10 Jun 2021     

United States

Also in the US we would say My favorite food is oranges.

11 Jun 2021     

Travelling High and Low

Thank you Cunliffe, that was a very helpful explanation.
 redcamarocruiser, thanks for sharing.
The debate is still raging over here! 
However, I�m sticking by my guns and going with �my favorite food is oranges!�
 Thanks again 

13 Jun 2021     

Russian Federation

As far as I can see the verb should agree with the subject. And the subject here is food, not oranges. Because subject always precedes the verb in affirmative sentences in English.
So, My favourite food is oranges. or Oranges are my favourite food. 

14 Jun 2021     

United Kingdom

When I first saw this post, I thought it was a fun thing: what is your favourite food? So, just for the record, mine is salsa verde. I will have it on anything, even fish and chips. Life is too short to bother with fruit, anyway. 

14 Jun 2021     


My favorite food used to be caviar. Mussels with FRENCH FRIES followed by a banoffee made all by myself.

15 Jun 2021     

Travelling High and Low

My favorite food is cheese, cake. 
Not cheesecake, but cake in the shape of cheese! 
Made with Swiss Emmental cheese and French cream cheese. 
*drools onto keyboard*  

15 Jun 2021     

United Kingdom

Hey all, appreciate the discussion. I have a similar thought on this. It is like My favorite food �is� pizza. There is an is not an are. I am pretty sure on this. You can can go through the explanation on essay writer online blog, and it will make everything clear. And on a serious note, my favorite food is actually Pizza.

5 Aug 2021     

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