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Correct grammar


Correct grammar
Hello, please could you help with these two grammar questions?
1) The exhibition called �The 18th Century Art� opens/is opening next weekend. I understand that when we talk about scheduled programs, timetables, etc., the Present Simple is used to express future. For some reason I feel like �is opening� sounds better here, but it was given as the wrong answer. Could it be possible that BOTH choices are right?
2) Why don�t you join us /aren�t you joining us on this trip? The option �Why don�t you join us� sounds more natural to me)) but it was also marked as the wrong answer.
These sentences are from the Liveworksheets.com created by other talented teachers but just wanted to check if the correct options were right? Would appreciate some help!!!
Thank you 

8 Jul 2021      

United Kingdom

Yep - both options are OK in both those questions.

8 Jul 2021     

United States

Lynne is right, and I�ll go into some detail about the differences.
 In the first one, "opens" is a statement of the facts of the schedule. It is somewhat impersonal sounding. "Is opening" sounds more conversational. Both are definitely correct and commonly used.
Why don�t you joins us? is by far the best answer. It is an invitation.
Why aren�t you joining us? indicates that the person has decided not to go, and the speaker here is wanting to know the reason for it. It is grammatically correct, but indicates a situation that hasn�t been expressed, so it is correct, but it isn�t the best response.
I hope this helps you.

8 Jul 2021     

United Kingdom


8 Jul 2021     


Thank you so much for your help! Much appreciated

9 Jul 2021     


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12 Jul 2021