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Caption competition


Noooohh !! I am just angling my angel !!!!

22 Jul 2021     


I said....... donīt you dare look into my eyes.

23 Jul 2021     

United Kingdom

The fish: Look into my eyes, look into my eyes. On the count of three, grab me and throw me back in the sea. 

23 Jul 2021     


Do you know just how much you have increased my workload? Is it polite to poke your head into other peopleīs homes and bark at them? All my babies are up because of the raucous you have been creating. Stop right now or their dad who happens to be a sting ray will pay you a visit next!

24 Jul 2021     


I am going to bark you out of my sight you ugly beast. I donīt care about your descendents. And btw put on your mask before yelling and spitting into my face.

25 Jul 2021     

United Kingdom

The fish: Ooh a sausage dog for dinner, tasty! 

25 Jul 2021     


The dog: Nooo! I am not going to practise French kissing with you!!

25 Jul 2021     


Would you like a mint? 

25 Jul 2021     

United States

"Big Mouth Billy Bass! ...  How could I have found you so funny 20 years ago?"
 Novelty singing fish scares off burglar at tackle shop | Daily Mail Online

(Yes it is true, Billy is over 20 years old now)

26 Jul 2021     

United Kingdom

"What was that, Mr Fish? Monique has not done a debate worksheet on e-scooters! And neither has Lynne! Oh my word!"
(Hint hint!)  

27 Jul 2021     

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