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Report error new user

Russian Federation

Report error new user
Hello, I am new to the website and it is really disheartening to deal with proving that my work is my work :(

Yesterday my work was reported as "clearly scanned from an English textbook" (which is not). I answered in the private messenger box, but nobody responded to it and my work was removed the following day. Apparently "This decision has been voted by the moderators of the website."

This is the work that has been reported and consequently removed: 

I sent to [email protected] the screenshots from my Canva account with my work to prove it is my work and it is not scanned from any textbook - it is clear that the pages were made manually, that I can move any parts I want to, that I can edit the text. I cherry-picked each idiom for the task, I gathered the keys & examples, I came up with the questions containing the idioms.

What have I done wrong? Why am I being accused of scanning the textbook? My material does not look like a textbook at all. Are my spreadsheets too fancy? But all my presentations look like that because I always use Canva and it makes everything beautiful. I wanted to upload one more similar task but it looks like it is going to be reported as well.

Can you give me a pointer on how to proceed? Should I make it less fancy to be accepted?

31 Aug 2021      


Hello Jane,
I am very sorry your worksheet was reported. Moderators are members of this great website who try to do their best. However mistakes do sometimes happen.
I would advise you to upload your worksheet again and keep posting your nice work.

31 Aug 2021     

Russian Federation

Thank you so much Murielle! Iīll upload it again!

31 Aug 2021     

United Kingdom

Your work looks great! Thank you for sharing it, well, or trying to share it! I didnīt see it as I havenīt looked at the moderatorsī page for a couple of days. I will keep an eye out and make sure it is allowed when you re-upload. I should think though that reporting moderators will have seen this message and that should not happen again. This is a great website as Murielle says. You are very, very welcome.
Canva eh? I will have a look at that!  

31 Aug 2021     


Gorgeous work !!!

31 Aug 2021     


As a moderator myself I advise you to simply upload your work again. As the saying goes: accidents happen! Take care

31 Aug 2021     

United States

If I may, Iīd like to correct a grammar error in your excellent worksheet.
On the third page, question 2 has the preposition "at" without an object, which doesnīt work.
 Also, "throw the book at" canīt be used in the Passive Voice. Instead, we use the causative "have".
You could change the question to
   Who do you think deserves to have the book thrown at them?
   Who do you think deserves to have the book thrown at him/her? (if you donīt like using them in a singular situation)
Best Wishes, 

1 Sep 2021     

United Kingdom

Bruceīs suggestion is good. Glad to see the worksheet uploaded!

2 Sep 2021