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ESL forum > > Copying other users worksheets and amending them / changing some things    

Copying other users worksheets and amending them / changing some things


Copying other users worksheets and amending them / changing some things
Dear all, dear Victor
Sometimes I download worksheets and change many things. Not only the images and general appearance, but also contents, sentences in the exercices etc...
In those cases I would like to post the "new" worksheet, as it could be used by many. And I�m happy to cite the source (or sources car I often combine several worksheets into one).
Indeed it has taken me some time and efforts to create the new worksheet, even though it comes from other user�s work originally.
Am I allowed to upload the new worksheet as my own? Because I have tried once, but it got removed the next day.
Not that I need the points, I have over 3000 points. But I really think some teachers might have a use for those amended worksheets.
Thank you for letting me know

18 Sep 2021      


Hello, Celine!

As far as I know, in order not to get into trouble, you must have permission from each person whose work you are going to use in your "new" worksheet. It means that you have to get in touch with them, and later mention in the description of your WS that youve used sth from this or that member�s work with their permission.

Ive had absolutely fantastic cooperation with Karagozian and my best ppts are still the ones that are fully inspired by and based on her worksheets! Also, Ive used one of Morenopalomares worksheets, some Jecikas and Mracines templates. When asked politely, no one of them has refused to give their kind permission.
Just give it a try.

18 Sep 2021     


Hi Celine,
Of course, some reordered or mended worksheet could be useful to other users, but as far as I know, it isnt allowed to do so. I have been inspired many times by somebodys worksheet, but I only take the idea, never the exercises or  the layout. The pictures normally are on the net , so sometimes the pictures I use are the same as the ones an other member has already used. 
As I make worksheets in other languages for islcollective, and I find a very interesting texts here, I ask the authors if I can translate them and use them. Normally they give permission. 

18 Sep 2021     


In the past, I have used parts of other peoples worksheets (or corrected and changed some), but I only used them in class.  I would never upload them here,, because they were not 100% mine.  I think you should do the same to avoid problems. 

19 Sep 2021     


Email the member in question and ask them if they are happy with it. 
I have adapted templates from other users and reposted my version of the sheet with their permission, linking to the original worksheet in the description. Some people may say no, but this is a collaborative site. I think many people will agree to you sharing your amended versions, especially if it makes the sheet more accessible to different-level learners.

19 Sep 2021     


It is always good to ask, but no one posting here should feel that collaboration is a bad thing. If someone changes/uploads "fixed" or "edited" work Id like to work them/collaborate with them more often-would help me knock a few personal projects out of the way.

19 Sep 2021     

United States

The rules and instructions of this website state:
  • Your contributions must be your own creations.
  • You are allowed to use templates from the "templates page" to make your own contributions, but it is not allowed to use other members worksheet as templates.
I moderate from time to time and these are the rules I have been following on any worksheets that have been reported for being a copy of someone elses work.
When I was starting out in making worksheets I too got reported for copying. When I first made the worksheet, actually a set of three worksheets, I didnt really think of it as a copy because I had changed most of it and left just a few things the same as the original. Boy, was my face red when I received notice that my worksheets were reported as copies with a link to the website where I had gotten the information, and the threat that my account could be banned!
To avoid problems and the risk of being banned from this site, I recommend uploading work that is 100% your own. I also recommend trying out the templates page. The templates are uploaded by users of this site and they are free! They wont cost you any points!
Best wishes,

20 Sep 2021