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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > Find IT difficult....    

Find IT difficult....


Find IT difficult....
Hi all,
I have a question regarding the preparatory object IT in the expression "What I still find IT difficult is....". Is it necessary to use it in this instance? or "What I find difficult is..." is correct
 I know it is used in "I find IT difficult to remember names", but can I omit it in the cleft sentence "What I find (IT) difficult is...?.
Thanks in advance

5 Nov 2021      


Hello, absolutely you don�t use the IT in this phrase, you simply say "what I still find difficult is..."
Have a good day

5 Nov 2021     


Thanks so much, Sazamama!!

5 Nov 2021     

United States

Yes, the "it" is incorrect in that sentence, because "what" serves that purpose here.

5 Nov 2021     


Thanks, Bruce!

5 Nov 2021     

United Kingdom

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23 Feb 2022