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Ideas for a special class


Ideas for a special class
Hello! A group of experts from Iceland are coming to one of my lessons with students aged 11. (Low English level) We just finished a unit where they had to create dialogues at the restaurant and at the hotel. Can you suggest any ideas of things we could do? Thanks!!!

14 Nov 2021      


hey there,restaurant is an interesting topic.
here is what  I did-
Divided them in groups to write a menu, 
made a ws for a video situation in a restaurant-they have to watch,listen and fill in 
ws with the restaurant vocabulary
ws with restaurant phrases
make them act out their own dialogues as real situation 
some ideas from my blog! 

14 Nov 2021     


You could do a carousel lesson.
Set up different "stations" - it will depend on how many students you have and how many are in each group. So for example, if you have 15 students, put them in groups of 3 and have 5 stations round the room.
Station 1: writing - put out a restaurant menu and ask the students to write a dialogue based on that menu.
Station 2: vocabulary - a crossword, match-up or other vocab exercise using food and restaurant vocabulary.
Station 3: listening - listen to an audio dialogue or watch a video in a restaurant and answer T/F questions about it.
Station 4: reading - answer Qs based on reading a text or dialogue about a restaurant.
Station 5: speaking - the group comes to you (or a language assistant, if you are lucky enough to have one - or why not one of your visiting experts?) and you are the waiter/waitress and give them a menu to order from.
I like this activity because it lets you hear everyone speak. You need to have an hour for the lesson - use the first 10 minutes to explain the set-up very clearly, and then use a big loud timer to signal the changes each time (8 minutes per activity + 1 minute for each change-over, for example). All the activities (apart from writing and speaking) should be self-correcting, with the answer sheet available for students to correct their own work. I collect in the writings to correct after the lesson. It�s a good bit of mental gymnastics to hop around and keep changing skills! And it means you hear every student speak a little bit.

15 Nov 2021     


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18 Nov 2021     

United States

What I like to do is special classes in music. It seems like both kids and adults just absorb new vocabulary like sponges where it comes to their favorite songs. And I can give a piece of practical advice here. Prepare the music and lyrics beforehand, looking for it online messes with the paste of a class. Here�s a good place to download earrape https://earrape.mymp3.red/ for example.

20 Nov 2021     

United States


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