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ESL forum > Teaching material > Has the same thing happened to you?    

Has the same thing happened to you?


Has the same thing happened to you?
Hello everyone. I"ve been nable to download my own printables. Why is that? Any clue??

26 Nov 2021      

United States

Soooo many people have posted on the forum with the exact same problem. Try using Microsoft Edge when downloading and see if that helps. If it doesn�t, contact the administrator at [email protected].

26 Nov 2021     


Clic on the right botton of your mouse , choose open in coginto ( ouvrir le lien dans une fenetre privee) and the clic enter your doc will be downloaded.

27 Nov 2021     


I also can�t download anything, I don�t know why!

28 Nov 2021     


you should upload yours first

28 Nov 2021     


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15 Nov 2022