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My downloads


My downloads
Hi. I have downloaded some material, but I don�t how to get to them on my account. Can somebody help me find them?. Thank you

10 Dec 2021      

maryse pey�

English worksheets by Nadia4 (eslprintables.com)

For those you have uploaded.

For the ones you have downloaded you have a specific file for the "automatic" downloads from different sites. Then you can register these files wherever you want.

10 Dec 2021     


Thank you for your help, but I still cannot find the downloaded files. However, I can easily find the files i uploaded.

11 Dec 2021     

United States

When you download other people�s worksheets from ESLprintables it doesn�t go into your online account, it goes onto whichever device you are using such as a computer, tablet, or smart phone. I have a designated folder with categorical subfolders on my computer that I direct the downloads to. If I download with my phone, it is downloaded onto my phone. Then, I have to email the worksheet to myself so I can put it in the correct file on my computer. If you don�t have your own computer or use multiple computers, you could download the printables onto a flash drive. Hope this is the answer you are looking for. Best wishes!

12 Dec 2021     


Thank you for your answers.

15 Dec 2021     

Angie Ledner

 You are able to download all your documents from the Resources tab on your account navigation bar. Simply click on "Canvas Resources" and you will be able to regain access to all the content that you have downloaded. You may also visit https://bestonlinewritingservice.com/ site easily to avail world�s best writing service online without any trouble.

6 Jan 2022     


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